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Worship Ministry

To gather the church for prayer, praise, reflections, the word, and offertory

Music Ministry

To provide sounds of worship, deliverance, praise and victory

Evangelism Ministry

To share the Gospel with unbelievers in ways that leads them to God

Missions Ministry

To provide relief for those experiencing social and/or economic suffering

Discipleship Ministry

To develop believers into responsible and mature church members

Social Service Ministry

To connect, collaborate, and impact the community through services

Steward Ministry

To effectively manage the church's financial and business resources

Prayer Ministry

To communicate corporately with God for petitions, intercession & praise

Sunday School Ministry

To educate the membership in biblical knowledge and its application

Brotherhood Ministry

To minister and involve men in the ministry of the church

Women Affairs Ministry

To minister to women through church auxiliaries, boards and units

Youth Ministry

To provide services & activities for youth ages 13 to 24

Children Ministry

to provide services & activities for children ages 4 to 12

Media & Outreach Ministry

To inform, inspire adn connect people to our church and its ministries

Young Adult Ministry

To encourage, support adn minister to adults ages 25 to 39

Educational Ministry

To inform, train, and develop leaders and members for ministry

Pastorial Care Ministry

To support, counsel, visit, and pray with members in need

Jurisdictional Ministry

To attend and/or participate in National COGIC activities

National Church Ministry

To attend and/or partiicipate in National COGIC actiivites

Support Services Ministry

To aid leaders and ministries in effective operations

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