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Vision, mission & core values
Vision Statement: (What we are and shall become)

Norton Memorial Temple COGIC will reach people with the gospel message and build peole with the Word of God who will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to build the Kingdom of God - "Reaching and Building People that Build the Kingdom of God."

Mission Statement: (Why do we exist?)

The mission of Norton Memorial Tempole COGIC, as a local body of believers is to exalt Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior; evangelize the world in love with words and deeds; edify the believer to increase faith and hope in God; and to equip the saints to do ministry that transforms lives of sinners - "Exalt the Savior; Evangelize the World; Edify the Believer; Equip the Saints."

Core Values: (How we do things)

Norton Memorial Temple COGIC is committed to performing ministry or service as part of the Body of Jesus Christ.  Our core values are basic guiding principles that influence our practice of ministry.

  • Family - caring, sharing, disagreeing, forgiving and always relational

  • Sacrifice - doing things to benefit others adn a positive future for the church

  • Service - willing to work in ministries of the church to the Glory of God

  • Teamwork - trusting and relying on each other to perform ministry

  • Transparency - being open, honest and clear in all activities of the church

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